Working area


Assembly of power plants includes assembly of boiler plant equipment, as well as overhaul of existing power plant facilities. Apart from standard steam boilers, we have participated in special boiler assembly and nuclear power plant equipment assembly projects.


From the beginning of IMR Hamburg d.o.o., we have been participating in major petrochemical projects, both in Croatia and worldwide.

Today, the majority of our petrochemical industry projects include new equipment assembly in refineries and reconstruction of existing units.


IMR Hamburg d.o.o. worked on its largest projects related to construction of new and reconstruction of existing industrial plants, mainly cement production plants, exclusively in cooperation with renowned German partners on EU territories.


As a growing assembly company, IMR Hamburg d.o.o. wishes to meet all our clients’ requirements and has therefore has succeeded in the assembly of various types of pipelines in pharmaceutical industries.


Being an assembly company engaged in a wide scope of activities, IMR Hamburg d.o.o. has also focussed on various types of assembly in installation work, especially heating and cooling installations.


Due to inflationed need on shipyard trade market and service, we can point out, to stretch our influence on that economical field,especially in construction frames of shipping build. As far as ship-and shipyard construction and built-up concernes, it is of great importance to have a working personal included to all systems that urge extraordinary and exceptional execution of shipping in-parts (ship hull,shipboard, installation vessel,drive part) and auxiliary ship devices with mobile equipment proceeding. 

Our marched ways nowadays is getting the ships for small-middle-and long-distanced see navigation with classical steel-incorporated built-up,and personnel of welders,pipeline-fitters and shipyardmounters. With great pleasure of our customers we are driving forward with the challenge of new improvement and progress ahead. With this policy we are insured to spectralise the brightness of shipping facilities workmen,and in the future to emphasize the presence on European and world shipping trade market profilation field.