About us

IMR Hamburg GmbH is a brand that has been present for over 15 years been present in the field of engineering and assembly of industrial and power plants in the EU and worldwide, where it has been known and recognised as a company with an extensive assembly experience in various industrial fields, with more then 600 employees.

Activity focuses are assemblies and installations in Energy, Petrochemical and Process Industries as well as continuous maintenance, control and reconstruction, if necessary.

IMR Hamburg d.o.o. Slavonski Brod, as part of the IMR Hamburg Group, employs 180-200 employees. It is a name recognised for its successful turn-key projects: engineering design including collecting documentation, delivery, imports, assembly, testing, commissioning and continuous maintenance.

IMR Hamburg d.o.o. is a company wholly owned by IMR Hamburg GmbH. It was founded on 22 March 2012 in order to spread its business activities and increase its competitive edge in the SE Europe region.

IMR Hamburg d.o.o. can guarantee high quality of assembly work in the shortest deadlines, yet bearing in mind optimisation and cost control.

All the above is achieved through tight cost control policies, net planning and good logistics.


High quality of manufacturing is of key importance for IMR Hamburg d.o.o. Slavonski Brod.

HSE requirements and environmental protection are among our primary goals.

Quality and safety are a priority in all our departments, spreading to all our activities and products. This is equally true for our subsidiaries and each individual employee. With a good QM and HSE system, we can reach our goal to become a hallmark for client satisfaction, even in the most demanding situations.


From 2002, the year when the company under the name 'IMR Industriemontagen und Anlagenbau GmbH' was founded, the company has been fully privately owned.

The company, IMR Hamburg GmbH, pays special attention to the development of a generation of highly qualified employees.

Through development of the company's own assembly technologies, high technology equipment, state of the art equipment (civil engineering and other machinery), and through application of ISO 9000 standard, IMR Hamburg Gruppe has finalised a great number of different projects in EU and worldwide.

This is due to the IMR Hamburg employee qualification level, and fast adjustment to the needs of each particular client.

Over twelve years of activity, the company has been operating under the following names:

  • 2002 IMR Industriemontagen und Anlagenbau GmbH
  • 2011 IMR Hamburg GmbH